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133 Approved?

Roosevelt Morris, aka "Doctor Funding", is the President/CEO of 133 Approved Funding Inc., he's an author, an award-winning finance and funding expert, and medically retired Marine.

 Roosevelt was a senior Support Engineer with a Top Telephony company and Life  insurance agent . He was  Living the American dream , A multi-6 figure income, a beautiful wife and kids, custom built home, top of the line Cars no financial worries Life was GOOD! Then After the Crash of "08 and 12', life was a rollercoaster ride for  him. He went from living the American dream and the high life  to loosing it all in an instant  and living the American Nightmare to shanty hotels and homeless in his car. 

While keeping up appearances Roosevelt  he ran into an former Marine comrade that introduced him to the funding industry.  With the help he saw it doing for him he invest and started his Own Company . Today  and Partnerships he has helped fund over 250 Million within  his  Funding Market place , Roosevelt  133 Approved funding  specializes in small business funding  credit Repair and Customer financing. Roosevelt continues to have a driving tenacity for small business financial success for “Keeping Businesses In Business."

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